About Me

Photography is my first true love. I purchased my first Canon camera at age sixteen. I carried it with me wherever I went. When I was nineteen, my father (who was in advertising) got me my first photography job. I was to take headshots of the executives managing the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. I failed miserably, but the lessons I learned were invaluable. I decided that if I was going to be a professional photographer, I had to add some technique to my intuition. Soon afterwards, I enrolled in art school in Philadelphia majoring in Photography. Immediately after I finished school, I began working at a studio in the East Falls section of Philadelphia. It was a wonderful hands-on experience.

Somewhere along the way, my second true love came along; we married and started a family. While I continued to photograph my children, photography as a profession was put on the back burner. Several years would pass before I stepped back behind the lens. On Valentine's Day in 1996, my husband presented me with a beautiful Mamiya RZ67 Professional camera system. He knew how much I missed my first love.

The rest is history.....

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